Helping your institute differentiate with care collaboration and research

Dockare technolony helps build an ecosystem for your institute where patient case is exponentially improved while helping you produce high inppact research articles including case reports, case series, audits and thesis.

Dockare suite of products for care collaboration and research

Compliant, Secure

Secure team building
and collaboration

Infinite configurable
Case report forms

End-to-end encrypted
Multi-point automation

Accelerating communication, collaboration and research for doctors

Build Team

With secure and dynamic team building , your consultants, PG students, medical students and nurses can build teams for communication and collaborating

Communicate & collaborate

Dockare's channels helps discuss patient management among the care team. Team can request care from another department, transfer case, prescribe, share images and radiology reports among others to collaborate care

Build your e-Case report form in minutes

Use the drag and dop form builder to create your own research project in minutes. The console allows an infinite number of permutation and combination of forms catering to need of any study like thesis, case series, audits and RWE studies.

Team based data collection

Deploy your e-CRF to dedicated patient channel on Dockare app for research collaboration helping faster study execution. Online and offline data collection for the entire team and ability to do multiple studies simultaneously accelerates the study output

View/analyse/download data

Visualise, interact and analyse your data in a brand new format. Download the data in an easy format and fast forward your data interpretation process.

Accelerate publication

Accelerate the publication by using our proprietary automation solutions

With our collaboration and your institution's contribution, you can:

  • Achieve global recognition
  • Improve college ranking based on NIRF
  • Produce audits and high impact journal publications
  • Help funding collaboration for research

Accelerating communication, collaboration and research for doctors

Enterprise Grade

Institute Agnostic

Secure & Complaint

Envision with NMC guidelines


Data Isolation



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