Healthcare technology is for everyone,

not just for those who can afford it.

We believe technology should not be limited to those who can afford it! Dockare’s pro bono health programs vertical for underprivileged communities is engineered to bring significant impact in addressing health disparities and improving healthcare access.

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Pro Bono Health Programs

Dockare’s Pro bono health programs aim to provide healthcare services and resources to underserved populations, including those who may not have access to traditional healthcare facilities.

Dockare provides free consultations for multiple organizations caring for children, the elderly, cancer kids, and rare disease populations across the nation.

Through the power of technology, Dockare aspires to eliminate the “affordability” issues and has ventured into several pro bono measures for the weaker sections of society.

Sāmya Virtual Hospital

Sāmya is a Sanskrit word meaning equality. We at Dockare truly believe in providing quality healthcare to everyone irrespective of location or socio-economic status. Dockare’s Sāmya Virtual Hospital is successfully taking medical care to the grassroots level through the power of technology.

Sāmya virtual hospital provides a bouquet of targeted health programs to all the beneficiaries of its current and upcoming health programs.

Virtual Hospital with specialist consultations and follow-up

Health Education

Complete annual health check program

Train the coordinator and health guide

In app health record digitization

Our Esteemed Clients

Customer Success

“When I fell sick, the doctors from Dockare gave me the confidence that I will get better soon and my life will be back to normal. I have seen girls loose their confidence and have emotional imbalance when a major diagnosis is made but I was lucky to be have Dockare team who helped through my illness journey. I would want Dockare to be always associated with our institute as many other girls would need similar support and guidance.”

User 1, Mumbai
Senior Partner

“Once we got to know about the Dockare App, we downloaded it. We took time to understand how the App works. Eventually we got comfortable about how to add the girl’s profiles, booking and taking consultation. The doctors on the platform help us understand what the diagnosis is, how and when to take the medication and what we should eat. We are very comfortable with them.”

User 2, Bengaluru
Senior Partner

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No, we do not charge our NGO partners. Our services are given free of cost to our NGO partners.

Dockare provides a range of services to its NGO partners such as conducting health camps, health awareness sessions, helping children with Rare Diseases and Thalassemia, women in distress, and old age homes.