Fight Covid 19 with the best remote patient care services

The unprecedented pandemic has challenged the doctors and changed the way the patients now need consultation. The story of the Covid infection starts not when one has a diagnosis. It starts from the day when one feels unwell. It is important to start taking care of oneself and get connected to a doctor early on who can guide the patient through the illness.

Dockare, an app to track the symptoms and vitals of a patient right from the onset of illness, allows the patients to monitor themselves even before they connect to the doctor. The app has various modules and one of them is called the "Fever Module". It has certain pre-selected symptoms like cold, cough, body ache, etc. which patients can rate on a scale of 0 to 10 and multiple times a day.

This leads to the formation of an intuitive graph showcasing the trend of the illness which is extremely important for making medical decisions. The patients can use this tool to self-monitor COVID 19 specific symptoms and share the same in real-time with the doctor. When the symptoms start deteriorating, an alert is triggered to the care team who have the option to escalate care – either in the form of adding a drug or getting him/her to the nearest hospital.

Dockare provides complete medical support for Covid 19 patients from the comfort of their home. With video and text consultations, long term care packages and easy to and from transfer of data, now doctors and patients can experience digitally enhanced medical care.