One app
Any Medical condition
For the entire family

Download your SMART report

SMART report is a snapshot of your health in advanced digital form. Just share is with your doctor before,during or after consultation!

  • Self monitor at home
  • Download your advanced health analytical SMART report!
  • Share your SMART report over e mail, WhatsApp or other consultation platform.
  • Let your doctor provide you the best data driven care.

SMART report : Snapshot of your health

Dockare's unique features

Dockare enables you to take care your entire family's health from the comfort of your own home.

Track your own health

Track your symptoms and vitals for your illness using Dockare’s disease-specific health modules.

Manage Family

Create different profiles for family members to track your entire family’s health at once.

Vaccination Chart

Have a vaccination database displaying upcoming vaccination dates for children. Learn why vaccines are given and how do they work !

Access health records

Upload and keep and all your health records and history organised in a single, secure, database with 24/7 access.

Remote patient monitoring

Stay connected with your doctor with our remote patient real time monitoring and timely alerts to your doctors.

Pill reminders

Receive customised pill reminders to make sure your never miss a medication.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dockare is available free of cost on both play store and app store. Just download the app and start monitoring your health condition. You can monitor your pregnancy, your child health, Diabetes, Hypertension and many other conditions.
No. You do not need to. This is why Dockare is different! You can continue to monitor yourself at home and connect to a doctor only when you need one.
Don’t worry! Just monitor yourself and share your advanced health analytical report called SMART report. SMART stands for Symptom Monitoring, Analytics and Remote Treatment. This report shows your entire health condition in one place and let’s your doctor know about your health in its entire detail.
Absolutely! You can upload all your family members health records too free of cost.
Dockare has used industry standard encryptions and 2FA for logins. You will not be able to login even with your own password unless a new OTP is entered. No body except you and your doctor can see the health data.