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Welcome to Dockare! Your trusted partner in simplifying the world of research. Our cutting-edge technology empowers you to create high-impact research papers including case reports, case series, audits, and theses, with ease and efficiency.

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Dockare technology and its suite of products helps you and your institute to bring research alive in your routine work. Using the power of secure team building and in-built research solutions for medical research, Dockare allows collaboration of one-of-a-kind.

Enhancing Collaboration, Communication, and Research for You and Your Institution

Multiple Project Management

Our platform offers an intuitive solution for effortlessly managing multiple research projects on both web platform and mobile, ensuring you maintain complete control and optimal efficiency throughout your research journey. With user-friendly tools and features, you can streamline project coordination, data collection, and analysis, making your research experience more productive and rewarding.

Build your e-Case report form in minutes

You can quickly design your research project using the drag-and-drop form builder. The console enables an endless number of combinations and permutations of forms to meet the requirements of any study, including thesis, case studies, audits, and RWE studies.

Team-Based Data Collection

Stay connected with your team through a dedicated participant channel, allowing for collaboration and real-time discussions about research progress. Download your data in accessible formats for easy use.

Dockare simplifies and accelerates your research process, fostering collaboration and efficiency enabling teams to easily create, customize, and share e-forms to streamline your research. Conduct multiple studies simultaneously, online and offline for quicker research progress. Easily visualize, interact with, and analyze your data.

Orbit Research Assistant

ORA (Orbit Research Assistant) is a specialized platform utilizing the OpenAI GPT 3.5 model, tailored specifically for medical research. One of its key functionalities allows users to designate conversations as favourites or archive them for easy retrieval in the future.

ORBIT facilitates the building of study forms for streamlining the process of your research projects. These forms can be easily shared with your team members, enabling seamless data collection and collaboration.

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Dockare is a cutting-edge technology accelerating research from concept to publication. Designed to accelerate the research process, enabling researchers to produce impactful outputs such as audits, case reports, case series, dissertations, and much more. This tool supports both individual researchers and institutions in achieving better research publications.
Before downloading and using the app for your clinical research, please ensure that you or your institution is registered. For registration, contact us at [email protected].
Our apps are available in both the Play Store and App Store, making them accessible on both web-based and mobile-based platforms.
Administrators can add team members to their group using the Dockare app. Additionally, any team member with group admin privileges can also extend invitations to new members.
You can contact the app support team through the email [email protected] or WhatsApp at +918971702797.